Does Septa Take Apple Pay?

Jeegna | 03-11-2023

If you’re a commuter in Philadelphia, you might be wondering if SEPTA accepts Apple Pay. The good news is that SEPTA has integrated Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay into their payment options. This means you can now use your smartphone to buy and replenish SEPTA Key cards at kiosks and sales offices.

Does Septa Take Apple Pay?

SEPTA has been progressively introducing new payment methods to enhance the commuting experience for riders. Alongside smartphone payments, SEPTA also offers Key Cards, Travel Wallets, Quick-Trip Cards, and cash as payment options.

The introduction of mobile payment options like Apple Pay marks a significant stride towards a more seamless and efficient commuting experience. With just a few taps on your phone, you can now purchase and reload your SEPTA Key Card without the need for cash or waiting in line at a kiosk.

Does SEPTA Take Apple Pay?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay on SEPTA!

SEPTA now lets you pay for your ride using your smartphone. This means you can use your Apple Pay account to buy or add money to your SEPTA Key Card at any kiosk or sales office.

To use Apple Pay on SEPTA, just hold your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the payment reader at the gate or fare box. It’s easy and quick!

This is good news for people who like using their phones to pay for things. With Apple Pay on SEPTA, you don’t need to carry cash or worry about losing your SEPTA Key Card.

Remember, you still need to get a SEPTA Key Card to use Apple Pay. It’s a special card you can fill with money to pay for your ride on buses, trolleys, subways, and trains.

You can buy a SEPTA Key Card at any kiosk or sales office, and add money to it using your Apple Pay account.

In short, yes, SEPTA accepts Apple Pay. It’s a simple and handy way to pay for your ride. With a SEPTA Key Card and your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can move around Philadelphia without carrying cash or worrying about losing your card. Give Apple Pay a try the next time you ride SEPTA!

What is Septa?

If you’re in Philadelphia and need to get around, you’ll want to know about SEPTA.

SEPTA stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. It’s the group that takes care of public transportation in and around Philadelphia. They’ve been around since 1963, when the government decided we needed a better way to get around the area.

SEPTA offers different ways to get from one place to another. They have buses, trolleys, subways, and trains that connect Philadelphia to nearby areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. SEPTA is one of the biggest transportation groups in the U.S. They give rides to more than 300 million people every year!

They’ve got a lot of hardworking folks – over 9,000 people – and they have a budget of more than $2 billion. So, if you’re looking to use public transportation in Philadelphia, SEPTA is the way to do it. They have easy and affordable options to take you all over the city and even further. No matter if you’re going to work, exploring the city, or seeing family and friends, SEPTA has a way to get you there.

What is Apple Pay?

If you have an iPhone, you might have heard about Apple Pay. It’s a way to pay for things using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. You can use it in stores, online, and on some public transit systems, like SEPTA.

On SEPTA, you can use Apple Pay to buy and put money on your SEPTA Key card.

This means you can use your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to tap and pay at SEPTA kiosks and sales offices. This is handy if you don’t have cash or don’t want to use your card. But remember, not all SEPTA places accept Apple Pay as of 2023. Only certain kiosks and sales offices do.

SEPTA is working on making more places accept Apple Pay, so in the future, more stations and vehicles might accept it. All in all, Apple Pay is a handy option for SEPTA riders who want to use their phone to pay. Just double-check which kiosks and sales offices accept it before you try.

Other Ways to Pay on SEPTA Besides Apple Pay

If you’re looking for different ways to pay for your SEPTA rides, you have a few options:

Google Pay:

This works like Apple Pay. You can use your phone to make contactless payments on SEPTA. Just add your SEPTA Key to your Google Pay account and use it to pay for your rides.

Samsung Pay:

If you have a Samsung device, you can use Samsung Pay to make payments on SEPTA. It works like Apple Pay and Google Pay, using special technology to make payments.

Credit or Debit Card:

If you’d rather use a physical card instead of your phone, you can use a credit or debit card to pay for your SEPTA rides. Any major card like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover will work.


If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can still pay for your SEPTA rides with cash. Just make sure you have the right amount before you get on.

SEPTA also has a Travel Wallet option. This lets you put money on your SEPTA Key and use it to pay for your rides. It’s handy if you don’t want to connect your payment info to your SEPTA account.

So, there are a few ways besides Apple Pay to pay for your SEPTA rides. Whether you like using your phone, a card, or cash, SEPTA has a way that’ll work for you.

Understanding SEPTA Key

If you use SEPTA a lot, you might be curious about how to pay your fare using Apple Pay. You can do it! But before we get into that, let’s talk about SEPTA Key.

SEPTA Key is like a special card that you can fill with money. This card makes it easy to pay for your rides on SEPTA. You can put money on your SEPTA Key card using a credit or debit card, or with cash at a SEPTA Key machine.

Once your card has money on it, you can use it to pay for rides on SEPTA buses, trolleys, subways, and trains. One cool thing about using SEPTA Key is the Travel Wallet feature. It lets you pay as you go and get cheaper fares for your rides. You also get one free transfer to another ride.

If you’re paying with cash, make sure you have the exact amount needed. To use SEPTA Key, you’ll need to sign up your card online. This way, you can add money online, check how much you have left, and keep your card safe if you lose it. You can also add money to your card at a SEPTA Key machine or at a sales office.

SEPTA Key is always getting better to make paying for your rides easier. Besides the physical card, SEPTA now has a way to pay with your phone called SEPTA Key Tix. With this, you can pay for your ride just by tapping your phone. You can even bring your friends with you.

All you need to do is download the SEPTA app, log in with your SEPTA Key account, and get your ticket. All in all, SEPTA Key is a handy way to pay for your rides. With features like Travel Wallet and SEPTA Key Tix, you can make your ride experience just the way you like it.

Using SEPTA Key with Mobile Apps

SEPTA Key is like a special card you can fill with money to pay for your rides on SEPTA. But did you know you can also use your phone to pay? Here’s how:

Download the SEPTA App: You can get this app on iPhones and Android phones. With it, you can buy and store passes for SEPTA Key.

Mobile Ticketing (SEPTA Key Tix): You can also buy your fare using the SEPTA App and a special code. Just scan it at the gate, and you’re good to go.

Online Purchase: If you prefer, you can buy your fare online at After you buy it, you can put it on your SEPTA Key card or in the SEPTA App.

SEPTA Key Tix: This is a way to pay using your phone. Download the SEPTA App, buy your fare, and get a special code. Scan it at the gate, and you’re set.

Using mobile apps to pay for SEPTA rides is a convenient way to get around. You can customize your fare options to fit what you need. Remember, SEPTA Key is always trying to make paying for your rides easier.


If you’re a SEPTA rider who likes using digital payments, you’re in luck! Here are some important things to know that You can now use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to add money to your SEPTA Key card at kiosks and sales offices. The SEPTA Key card is a special card that costs $4.95. When you register it online, any money you add goes into a Travel Wallet you can use for future travel. In the future, SEPTA plans to let riders pay with their phones or smartwatches. This is still in the works and hasn’t happened yet.

Overall, SEPTA is working to make it easier for riders to pay with digital methods. It’s a handy way to get around!


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