Maytag Refrigerator Not Cooling

Jeegna | 10-10-2023

Refrigerators are important in homes. They help keep food fresh and prevent waste. If they stop working, it can be a big problem. Your Maytag brand refrigerator may stop cooling for various reasons, but one of the most common reasons why a Maytag brand fridge stops cooling is a malfunctioning thermostat.

Most of these cooling issues can be fixed easily. In this blog post, we will explain common causes of cooling issues in Maytag brand refrigerators, possible reasons, and give you clear instructions on how to fix them step-by-step.

Maytag Refrigerator Not Cooling

Maytag Refrigerator Not Cooling:

When Maytag refrigerators cease cooling unexpectedly, it signals one or more underlying issues. These may encompass dirty condenser coils, malfunctioning evaporators, faulty evaporator fans, complications with the compressor relay, or defective condenser fans. Alternatively, it could result from incorrect temperature control settings, compromised gasket seals, or obstructed defrost drains. Some of these problems can be resolved with the assistance of a reliable screwdriver, while others may necessitate the expertise of professionals.

Before we deploy the screwdriver, however, let’s systematically explore all potential solutions, ensuring that the remedy required isn’t an evident one. Subsequently, we’ll methodically progress through each possible fix, step by step.

Double Check Maytag Refrigerator Power Outlet

If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, check the outlet. Unplug it and try another electronic device. If the new device doesn’t work, that’s the issue. If it works, unplug the fridge for two minutes and plug it back in. This often helps.

Make sure there’s enough space between the wall and back of your fridge for proper ventilation. One inch of space is standard and essential for proper cooling.

Ensure That Maytag Refrigerator and Freezer Doors Close Properly

Make sure the doors of your Maytag fridge close properly. There’s a special rubber seal around the door that helps keep the cold air inside and stop warm air from getting in. If this seal is damaged, the fridge won’t stay cold.

Check the doors to make sure they close tightly. If you see the rubber seal is out of place, gently fix it. But if it’s broken, you might need a new one.

Once the seal is good, close the doors and double-check they’re shut really well. Take out any big things that might be stopping the doors from closing all the way.

Reset Temperature Controls

The temperature settings in your fridge are really important for it to work well all year round. If these settings get changed, it can affect how well your fridge cools things.

The experts say it’s best to keep your fridge between 33°F and 40°F. If it’s higher, your fridge might have trouble staying cool. This goes for both the freezer and ice maker.

Reset Temperature Controls

To fix this, you can change the temperature settings. Remember, the freezer and fridge have their own controls, so check both.

If you’ve had your fridge for a long time, it’s a good idea to check if it’s still working right. You can put a special thermometer inside your fridge for a week to see if it’s too hot or too cold. If it is, you can adjust the fridge’s temperature.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Unplug and Move: Start by unplugging your fridge from the wall. It’s a good idea to pull it a bit away from the wall so you can reach the back.

Condenser Coils: These are like pipes at the back that help keep your fridge cool. They can sometimes get dirty, which can make your fridge not work as well.

Cleaning Importance: Imagine they’re like the lungs of your fridge. If they get dusty, they can’t do their job properly.

Where to Clean: These coils are usually at the back, near the bottom. They can collect dust, bits of stuff, and even pet hair.

How to Clean: Use a vacuum with a thin hose attachment to clean the coils. Then, for the tricky spots, use a special brush.

Be Thorough: Make sure you get rid of all the dirt. Vacuum up any leftover bits so nothing is left behind.

Put it Back Together: When you’re done, put the cover back on and plug your fridge back in. It’s all set!

Remember, if you think it needs more cleaning, you can do it again.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Make Sure the Condenser Fan Is Operating Properly

Make sure the fan at the back of your fridge is working properly. This fan is responsible for keeping the inside of your fridge cool. If it stops working or gets blocked, your fridge won’t cool as it should.

The fan starts running when you turn on your fridge and should keep running as long as your fridge is on. If you notice that the fan doesn’t start when you turn on your fridge, there might be a problem.

Make Sure the Condenser Fan Is Operating Properly

Check the fan blades carefully for anything that might be blocking them. If there’s nothing blocking them and the fan isn’t spinning, it might be a problem with the fan’s motor, and you might need to replace it. If the fan blades look very rusty, it’s a good idea to replace them too.

Examine the Start Relay

Check the Start Relay:

What Does it Do?

How to Check it:

Double Check:

Listen and Look:

Listen for a Click:

By doing this, you can make sure your fridge’s compressor is working properly!

Examine the Start Relay

Verify that the Evaporator Fan Is Working

If your Maytag refrigerator is not staying cool, it could be due to a faulty evaporator fan timer. This timer controls the operation of the fan that circulates cool air. Newer models have dual fans, while older ones have a single fan in the freezer.

To check if the evaporator fan timer is working, listen for the fan operating. Another possible cause for improper cooling is a defective thermistor, which provides temperature readings to the control board. If the thermistor is faulty, it can prevent other components from cooling the refrigerator properly. Additionally, check your door seals as torn or damaged gaskets can release air and cause warm temperatures in the freezer.

Verify that the Evaporator Fan Is Working

For Refrigerators with a Single Evaporator

Accessing the Fan:

Checking the Fan:

Simple Test:

For Refrigerators with Dual Evaporators

Check the Evaporator Fan:

Test the Fan:

What If It Doesn’t Work:

By doing these checks, you can find out if the fan in your Maytag fridge is working properly.

Examine the Evaporator(s)

If you have tried all the previous solutions and confirmed that the Maytag refrigerator’s fans are working, it’s time to check the evaporator. The fridge’s evaporator is made up of copper tubes inside a panel behind the freezer. Its primary function is to generate cold air which is then circulated into the refrigerator by the fan.

In many newer refrigerators, including Maytag’s “Dual Cool” technology, there is one evaporator in the freezer, and a second evaporator in the refrigerator. This design gives users more control over the temperature of each compartment, making it an important feature to consider when troubleshooting cooling issues.

Examine the Evaporator(s)

For Refrigerators with a Single Evaporator

For Refrigerators with Dual Evaporators

By doing these checks, you can find out if there’s a problem with the evaporator in your Maytag fridge.

Inspect the Defrost Drain

Refrigerators Work Like Machines:

The Evaporator Coils and the Defrost Heater:

The Ice Turns into Water:

Sometimes the Drain Gets Blocked:

Extra Ice Can Cause Problems:

Easy Fix:

For Refrigerators with Single Evaporators:

For Refrigerators with Dual Evaporators:

When You Need to Order Replacement Parts for Your Maytag Refrigerator

If you’ve tried the suggestions and know what’s wrong with your fridge, you might need a new part.

It’s important to get genuine replacements for Maytag refrigerators.

Write down the model number, check inside the fridge on the side wall for a sticker, and enter it into Sears Parts Direct to find what you need. Then order it.

Maytag Refrigerator User Manual

If your Maytag refrigerator isn’t cooling, don’t worry. You can use the manual to troubleshoot it. This manual has many useful tips, and you can find it online at if you don’t have a physical copy. Just type in the model number of your refrigerator in the search bar to download an electronic version.

Maytag Customer Support

You might have followed all the steps to troubleshoot your Maytag refrigerator, but it still isn’t cooling correctly. It’s time to get help from professionals now. You can dial 1-800-688-9900 between 9 AM and 7 PM EST on weekdays to contact them.

If you want a certified technician to inspect your fridge at home, you can schedule an appointment online. If your device is under warranty, the service cost might be covered. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance when you require it.


What temperature should my Maytag refrigerator be set at?

The recommended range for your refrigerator’s temperature is 32°F to 40°F (0°C to 4.4°C), with 37°F being the best setting for most foods. Also, consider where you’re placing things because certain compartments will be colder than others.

Do you turn the number up or down to make the fridge colder?

The refrigerant power is shown by the numbers on the refrigerator’s temperature dial. The refrigerator will maintain a cooler temperature as the number rises. Your refrigerator will be the coldest when you set it to 5. With that out of the way, it should be emphasized that improved food storage does not necessarily equate to a lower fridge temperature.

What is fast cool on Maytag refrigerator?

When a refrigerator is used frequently, there are a lot of groceries in it, or the environment is suddenly warm, the Max Cool feature helps keep the refrigerator efficient. The Max Cool button must be pressed in order to activate the Max Cool feature. The icon will flash three times when the button is pressed and show up on the screen.


Maytag refrigerators may stop cooling, but it’s usually because of a dirty coil, broken parts, or a fan problem. We’ll show you how to fix these issues easily. If you can’t fix it yourself, we’ll help you find the right professional to help.


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